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  • HitTail

    To help in Search Engine Optimization Hit Tail is another tool coming up with certain features to drive traffic to users website by the use of promising organic keywords and other useful stuffs.

    Killer keyword suggestions-it analyses around 1.2 billion keywords using a sophisticated algorithm and provides users in real time most promising search engine to drive the targeted traffic. It analyses visitor stream in real time and provides simple and actionable list of precisely keywords which help to dramatically grow organic search traffic.

    Long tail traffic can increase the amount of search visitors by 80% or more. It comes up with a visual long tail chart that is updated in real time.

    Using Hit Tail users can watch every new website referrer as it appears on the screen. Keywords and suggestions are displayed as they occur in real time. Users are informed about new keywords through email alerts.

    It helps in improving ranks and increasing organic traffic. Keyword tool data can be exported to Excel.

  • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
    • AppCodes

      Initially the tool didnt work well because of less investment in PR actions. And also because of poorly chosen keywords and characters, the app didnt come anywhere in App Store. But certain improvements made the tool work very well such as good keywords, review options for users and implementation of IPAD version. These modifications boosted its performance. And now it is very useful for startups in terms of better keywords and tracking the competitors progress. For a good PR system, developers and founders keep on blogging their latest updates and
      changes. Some of them are listed below-

      The developers keep on updating certain things. It now comes with an automatic invoicing system.

      It is available on IOS7 also. SEO wise, it looks same but they have added a wish list functionality where users can add apps they wish to one day download to a wish list.

      It now comes with a branded feature where users can see blogs/press mentions of IOS apps along the search results so that users can get the idea of their competitors apps.

      Another interesting feature is one on one Skype coaching with the founder of App code Tomasz Kolinko. They set slots for users who can ask query related to App Codes or App Store optimization/ Marketing etc.

    • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
      • MobileDevHQ

        MobileDevHQ is one of the tools available for the startup business. Some interesting features of MOBILEDEVHQ are as follows-

        Partnership -it offers packages tailored to enterprise customers. These include full access to its tools, along with account management and professional services.

        Whether someone has IPAD, IPHONE or ANDROID, it supports both iTunes and Google Play. Whatever is the platform of users, it helps them in the intended service.

        Sharing is one of key importance in any startups. MobileDevHQ allows exporting CSV reports which users can use to conduct their own analyses or send to their team and leadership.

        Well it is not only available nationally but internationally also. It covers IOS internationally wherever it is officially supported. It supports Google Play in the United States as well.

        Users also enjoy the daily email updates facility. From progress to changes, users are informed accordingly.

        It has another service of top 25 charts where users can look up to their competitors updates and progress so that they are able to compare their progress and their competitors.

        As every other tool it provides better keywords based on relevance, search volume and difficulty. It also cuts out negative or irrelevant keywords and gives keywords which are best and suitable.

        Search rankings play an important role for competition. By using this, one can know about its app ranking for its keywords in app store.

      • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
        • Lucene

          Apache Lucene Core is another high performance tool for SEO purposes which is purely written in Java. It is an open source project available for free download. The Apache projects are defined by collaborative consensus based process, an open software license and a motive to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. It offers powerful features as listed below-

          It is scalable and provides high performance indexing. It requires small RAM as small as 1MB. Indexing is as fast as batch indexing.

          In terms of ranked searching, it shows best results first. It comes with the facility of fielded searching. And the sorting is by any field. Multiple index searching is also available with merged results. While searching, users can also enjoy the feature of simultaneous updates. It is fast and memory efficient.

          It is available as Open Source software under the Apache license means users can use Lucene in both commercial and Open Source program.

          It can be implemented with other programming languages which are index compatible.

SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
  • SpyFu

    SpyFu exposes the search secret formula of most successful competitors.

    It gives smart recommendations drive clicks to users SEO Adword campaign. Users can track their paid and SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Making better connections- it provides reliable contact information to users to help build partnership or generate sales lead.

    For SEO purposes, users can tap into their competitors keyword strategies so that users can improve their ranks.

    Users can discover competitors most lucrative and profitable keywords that they are missing. It eliminates money wasting keywords with a feature of negative match suggestions. Users can find the best Adword copy.

    SEO sales reporting it is intended for clients, this report puts users best foot forward. It promotes the value the user delivered and makes the case for new business.

    Recon Files is another interesting stuff of Spy fu. It is a kind of expert analyst which reviews users SEO performance, finds opportunities to act on and delivers supporting evidence in a report.

  • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
    • SEM Rush

      It is created by SEO/SEM professionals. It collects massive amount of SERP data for more than 95 million keywords and 45 million domains including AdWords ad copies and positions, organic positions for domains and landing URLs, search volumes, competition and much more. SEMrush is being widely used by marketing professionals around the world. It is in perfect harmony with marketing department by providing ways of advertising a product and phrasing advertising text. SEMrush provides
      certain features as explained below-

      Seeing competitors organic positions- It tracks immense amount of organic data in Google and Bing SERPs. Rankings of competitors can be seen in the top 20 Google and Bing results for the top 95+ million organic keywords.

      Competitors ad data can be easily reviewed by using SEMrushs detailed and pinpoint accurate ad data. It tracks ads through Google and Bing with a wide variety of metrics and
      datasets including CPC, competition score, positions and much more.

      Availability of good long keywords is another point featured in SEMrush. It tracks the top 95 million keywords by volume in a number of different databases for both local and international versions of Google and Bing.

      Various SEO metrics can be visually compared using SEMrush. Several sites can be compared together on a wide variety of metrics. These include number of keywords, SE traffic, SE traffic price, ads traffic and ads traffic price.

    • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
      • Buffer

        Buffer is the easiest way to share the great links, pictures and videos you find to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

        Buffer helps you share more consistently by allowing you to choose set times to post each day. Once you've chosen the times, you simply keep a 'buffer' of posts topped up and we automatically share them for you through the day!

      • SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
        • GinzaMetrics

          Outrank Your Competitors, Optimize Your Webpages
          & Improve Conversions from SEO

SEO Tools and Resources, Optimize your Website | entrepreneurs city
  • WebSEO Analytics

    Web SEO Analytics is a key player and one of the most innovative online marketing platforms providing pioneering SEO tools, expert contribution on SEO industry and the search engine optimization techniques. We offer a wide-range of SEO tools, from keyword research, website analysis, page and keywords analysis to backlink and competition analysis tools. Whether you are an SEO Agency, a SEO professional or a Webmaster, WSA provides Online Marketing companies, Developers & SEM professionals unique and efficient SEO tools and techniques that generate solid results for your SEM campaign.