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Initially the tool didnt work well because of less investment in PR actions. And also because of poorly chosen keywords and characters, the app didnt come anywhere in App Store. But certain improvements made the tool work very well such as good keywords, review options for users and implementation of IPAD version. These modifications boosted its performance. And now it is very useful for startups in terms of better keywords and tracking the competitors progress. For a good PR system, developers and founders keep on blogging their latest updates and
changes. Some of them are listed below-

The developers keep on updating certain things. It now comes with an automatic invoicing system.

It is available on IOS7 also. SEO wise, it looks same but they have added a wish list functionality where users can add apps they wish to one day download to a wish list.

It now comes with a branded feature where users can see blogs/press mentions of IOS apps along the search results so that users can get the idea of their competitors apps.

Another interesting feature is one on one Skype coaching with the founder of App code Tomasz Kolinko. They set slots for users who can ask query related to App Codes or App Store optimization/ Marketing etc.

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