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Founders :

Bipin Domy Thomas

Founded : 2012

Description :

Domy is a global design and strategy firm. We build beautiful user experience through research.

Domy Innovations Cafe was incorporated in Bengaluru on 19th of March 2012, with the aim of creating and helping to create products, those could connect with the user and leave a positive experience.

The Mission:
Domy strives to build software which is beautiful, functional, and emotionally connecting.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator and the big break:
The work we did for some cool startups in Bengaluru got us the opportunity to partner with Microsoft India, to be their creative services partner for the Accelerator/Ventures program. We could work with the inspiring teams of InTouchApp, Tommy Jams, Frrole, Sign Easy, Scibler, and much more.

Our flight to Tel-Aviv:
We did our best to MS India & it helped us grab the flight to Israel where we got our next big partnership in 2013 – Microsoft Ventures, Tel-Aviv. There we joined hands with KitLocate, ConferPlace, KnowMail, Trainica & much more.

Zerodha – The coolest stock broker in the planet:
Our dearest work in 2013 – the corporate/marketing website with beautiful UX, fantastic traction & high conversion became a reality with Zerodha.

More continents, even more projects, and a bigger team:
On our 3rd year, Domy served more than hundred clients spread across four continents. Including the big boys of Volvo and Microsoft Ventures – Berlin, we worked with corporates like Capillary, small & medium businesses and startups in the USA, UAE, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, and India.

Domy is multi-national:
2014 is even more special because we started our office in Brisbane, Australia getting ourselves the label of a multinational company. Our Australia office caters to the startup community and the small medium businesses in Australia.

The UX partner for the Fintech Industry in India:
Success with Zerodha helped us bag projects with more startups in the Financial technology domain. While we built the marketing face of companies like SAS Online and Tradesmart Online, we designed applications for the technology startups such as Fisdom which is now one of the leading brands in the country.

Building World's first Social Network for Radiologists:
Imaginglink happened in 2016. The features include an exclusive global network of medical imaging professionals, an easy-to-use portfolio builder, private databases for teaching and shared online space for discussions, and a lot more to benefit the future of radiology.

What’s Next?
No matter what the reason may be, we appreciate your concern and interest into our small, but professional operations. If you have any questions, queries, concerns, or whatever, we are always free and available for a chat.

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Products :

Product Strategy

We help you grow your business by identifying the unsolved problems of your user and converting them into great opportunities.

User Experience

We build a bridge from your product to users, define their interaction, focusing on a uniquely rewarding user experience.

UI Design

We design human-centered interfaces that connect with people on a functional and emotional level and elevate products & businesses.

Conversion Analysis

We do the detective work, get to the heart of any problem, fix your conversion blockages, and help you reinvent.

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